Beyond Survival | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2016 S01E08 – NEW GROUNDS

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter):

“Living off the land,” and our modern ability to accomplish such a feat is an issue of much curiosity in modern entertainment media. There are more than just a couple television shows which currently feature men and women returning to nature in an effort to make a living. The concept for these shows are usually steeped in primitive ideas, traditionalism, and lore.

The idea is that we can go back in time and live from wild edibles procured on site, as well as through hunting and fishing, often times with just primitive technology, or at the very least, minimal modern gear.

Since our ancestors were successful at this endeavour, that is, they survived long enough to reproduce and leave us as their descendants, then we too should have all that is necessary to do the same. But is this a fair argument?

One point of note is that there is rarely any mention of a specific era in which the contestants are acting within. When we talk about living off the land, in which time period in history are we referring? This matters very much.

One Wildcrafter (Jeremy):

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