Yukon Outfitters 58 Piece Alpha Bug Out Bag Survival Kit Review

I recently received this as a gift from the AWESOME members of the Survivalist Preppers Apoco-List. This is the Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Alpha Survival Kit and I am super impressed. This kit was on sale at Sportwoot for and for that price it was a steal. You can find them on eBay for around 0, Amazon for around 0 and from the Yukon Outfitters website for 0.

The 58-Piece Alpha Survival Kit Includes…
Alpha Backpack
Hydration Bladder
Walkabout Rainfly
Mosquito Hammock
‘Firefly’ LED Flashlight/Lantern
Locking/Folding Knife
550-Strand Paracord
Emergency Medical/Survival Kit

I’m not sure I would pay 0 for this (although it is worth it) but for less than 0 it is still a steal. Watch the video and see what I mean…

Watch My Hammock Review Video Here:

Find it on eBay:

Yukon Outfitters Video:

Watch for the 0 sale here at Sportwoot:

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