Why YOU Should Have A Bug Out Bag ~ BOB

Every single person in every household should have a bug out bag for emergency. Every single household should have a disaster plan in place in case something happens.

I have seen many disasters here in Upstate New York. Enough to know that having a bug out bag ready to grab and go at a moments notice is very important.

Many of you can remember the video I recently did about the forest fire raging just 5 miles from my home. This fire caused an entire village to be evacuated. I bet each one of those families wished that they had a bug out bag ready.

I have seen two hurricanes in Upstate New York which wiped out many towns and villages in its path. I myself lost my apartment and business to one of those hurricanes. I am happy that I had three months of food put away at that time or I would have gone hungry in the jobless period that followed.

Around here the shelves in the stores were bare for a while. Gas stations had no gas. Camping supplies, propane, water, fast foods, flashlights, batteries and more were gone from the shelves for two weeks after the disaster.

People were actually fighting at the gas pumps later when some gas did show up here and there.

Your home could be hit by a tornado, fire, hurricane, terrorism, or any other disaster which could force you to evacuate with very short notice.

Your family should have a 72 hour bug out bag for each member of the family. Children can carry a small bag for themselves. You can make it fun for them and they will love it.

You should have a bug out plan. Get to know the area. Find a place where you would go if disaster forced you out of your home for a short time. Go there, find alternate routes to get there from your home.

Have two or more locations in case the disaster is wide spread.

You should train with your loved ones. Get them in practice.

In school we had regular fire and tornado drills. We practiced until we all simply acted robotically when the alarm went off.

The Army does the same. You drill again and again until an action is automatic.

Disaster can strike at any time. Make sure your family is prepared with a 72 hour bag. This bag should contain basic needs such as food and water for three days, toiletries, shelter, warm clothes depending on your area, first aid kit and medical needs.

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