Survival Food Taste Test

With everything from the end life as we know it to 2012 to just plain “plan if you live in an area prone to disaster”. One thing they all agree one is that you should have a 72 hr food & water supply. There’s been a surge in survival shows, gear and supplies. Even main stream media and a couple conservative talk show hosts mention it at times, along with good old Coast to Coast, live free FM and The Alex Jones/prison planet folks. In this first installment of “Just in Case” I have addressed what most claim, but may not be true to an average person who is not a survival, camping or adventure type. Which tastes better!
Done of coarse a little tongue in cheek but for real at friend Jon’s undisclosed studio location, otherwise know for this as the “Just in Case Place”. Here’s my opinion of a couple products commonly out there.. PS one mistake I called Mountain House, Mountain Wise therefore mixing the names,,, sorry meant Mountain House and Wise when I spoke of the two; what can I say I’m better behind the camera then in front, special thanks to Jon Rohrer for your help!

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