Subscriber Giveaway Emergency Food Supply One Months Rations Wise Food

Just want to say thanks to all the viewers and subscribers. We have reached 500 subscribers and would like to grow the channel more. Once we reach 5000 subscribers we will be giving away a one month supply of Wise long term food to 2 different subscribers.
This is NOT a commercial as it will describe the prize and its exact contents. The subscribers who win will be chosen by random drawing once 5000 has been reached. The winners will be announced on a video the day of the drawing.
Rules: As a winner you will be contacted through a post, email and video on the Serious Survivor Channel. You will have 72 hours to claim your prize by commenting on the video. If you do not reply within 72 hours another winner will be chosen. The prize will be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. Thank you. Check us out on these sites:

Help us get better production equipment at:
Check out the rest of the Welcome to the Apocalypse Series Playlist here:
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