MK-5 PSK – ‘Personal Survival Kit’ For Your Bug Out Bag Or Get Home Bag By 20DollarBandit

Kickstarter campaign is over but you can still get in on an early pre-order run of the Mini Kit MK-7 here:

I was out at the desert property last weekend and smashed this video out going over my idea of “The Ultimate Survival Kit” right before the storm moved in, sorry about the audio in advance but I think it worth the watch…. I broke out my (3) MK-5’s as they are configured for individual POU’s. Survival, First Aid and EDC and went throught the Survival kit item by item. Some pretty cool gear on board that I keep on me every day in my truck. Just wanted to show how I have my kit configured.

If you want to get a MK-5 just hit-up my site to get one:

They will be shipping in the next few weeks so pre-order now if you want one of the first ones out on the market.

Thanks goes out to Armystinger150 for the unreal review he did on my kit, watching him get excited about it made my MONTH, thanks Brother!! If you have not seen his channel check him out here, very cool guy!!

As always thanks for the subs and the comments!!!

You can check out some of my other MK-7 configurations here:

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