Food Module | Urban Bug Out Bag | Version 3.0


While the human body can technically survive for 3 weeks without food, in an emergency situation you will want to be sure that you consume enough calories in order to expend energy efficiently for various extended emergency tasks. This Food Module is designed with the intent of being used in two phases. During the initial 24 hours of an emergency situation, you will most likely not be thinking about food and instead will doing other more important tasks (e.g., ensuring your family’s safety, applying medical treatment to injured people, etc.). Rather than stop to prepare a meal, I have a sub-module that is filled with energy boosting snacks that are “Grab & Go”. If and when things become more settled (e.g., shelter is in place and currently waiting for the next step), the main Food Module is designed to provide ample calories with little preparation. By leveraging the Mountain House meal pouches, all you need to do is add hot water, wait a few minutes and then eat a great calorie and morale boosting hot meal right out of the storage container. The sub-module is designed to be rotated out once a year and the main module every 5-7 years. Regardless of the items you choose to include in your food module, make sure that your body is accustomed to eating them. You will not want to get sick by eating a food item that your body rejects. My recommendation is to choose items that you can practice eating multiple times throughout the year at backpacking and camping trips.


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