Family Survival Course Review, Five Factors Needed For Survival

Family Survival Course review :
Family Survival Course is a great guide and is extremely easy to follow. The beginning video on the product page is a little gloomy and tasks about the impending risk of the apocalypse. However, the family survival course video itself has some excellent points and don’t be misled by its doom and gloom message. After finishing the entire video, you’ll get to the heart of the survival guide which offers relevant and excellent information.
Family Survival Course review :
The family survival course guide starts by naming the five factors needed for survival. These include:
1. Food
2. Water
3. Energy
4. Health
5. Self-Defense
In the food section, the family survival course guide talks about the cost of food and using generic versus name brands. It gives a general overview of nutrition needs every day and how to compile a basic box of food. This is a great guide for anyone who needs to know more about each food group and the guide has specific steps for 44 foods needed for a family survival kit. There are categories for breakfast and main meals, recipes, as well as a gardening guide which explains how to put together a raised bed garden as well as what to grow. Finally, the food section contains information on shelf lives and vacuum packing for preserving food.
Family Survival Course review :
The family survival course section on water talks about the five ways to purify water safely: alum, filtration, using hot stones, chemically, and filters. There are guides to chlorinating water in addition to the diseases that can be obtained through drinking un-purified water. This is a great guide to storing water and containers to use as well as collecting water through rainfall and underwater sources.
Probably the most essential part of the family survival course guide is your health. Delving into the area of herbal medicine, the guide talks about specific herbs, how to both prepare and use them, and how to store them for future use. Some of the herbal remedies included in this guide are birch leaves, chickweed, dandelion, eucalyptus, and lavender, common plants that are seen simply growing in the area.
Family Survival Course review :
Energy is also an important topic in the family survival course. With this comprehensive guide, you will get instructions on how to build solar panels as well as the different types of solar systems available. Using wind power, you can also build a wind turbine and a cheap and affordable generator. This guide has a full list of necessary components and is extremely easy to understand.
Family Survival Course review :
This part of the guide offers solutions on how to protect the family, everyday household weapons, and steps on how to build a panic room if needed.
Each of these topics offers a comprehensive guide to survival. Planning is the key in any situation, and the author of family survival course gives a large amount of information on steps to take. You would be hard pressed to find a family survival course that goes into as much depth as this one.
Finally, this family survival course covers the 72-hour survival kit and a Bug Out Bag components which are subsets of the survival course.
If you’re interested in protecting your family, this is what you’ll get with the course. Family survival course is a comprehensive guide to family survival and is a great way to be prepared for any future events.
Family Survival Course review :
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