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**How to prepare an earthquake emergency kit**

As you may know, New Zealand was just hit with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, and there have been hundreds of aftershocks, with the possibility of more to come. My friend, the Earthquake Guy, has received many requests from his community in the past few days regarding what to include in an emergency kit. So I helped him make a video! We go over everything you should have to keep you and your family safe for the first 72 hours following an earthquake where you are forced to leave your home.

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Here is a quick word from the Earthquake Guy:

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the support over the last couple of days following the quake, I’m glad you’re finding everything so helpful and useful. Ryan and Jill are really good friends of mine and they’re brilliant, wonderful artists – Definitely check them out! Hopefully I’ll have more videos coming your way shortly! Remember to follow The Path Less Traveled on YouTube for more incredible content!

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