Bug Out Bag Part 1

Bug Out Bag Part 1
School of Self Reliance provides an in-depth look at what you should put in your Bug Out Bag (AKA- 72-Hour Kit, Get-Back Bag, INCH Bag). Topics covered in Part 1 Segment: Bug Out Bags, Backpacks, Knives, Medical Kits, First Aid, Tools, Fishing Kits, Fire Starting, Food & Water

While we recommend a radio or some type of communication device, we do not feel it is a mandatory part of a Bug Out Bag for 2 reasons. 1) It adds weight to your pack plus you must frequently check the batteries (if it doesn’t have solar/dynamo) and 2) you do not need a radio to predict the weather. You can look at animal behavior, plants, the sky among other things to determine what the weather is going to do.
We feel communication is optional as it can also give away your location. Our recommendation is the Kaito Voyager KA500.
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