Bug-out Bag Escape From NYC Ebola Edition

Maxpedition 3day Tactical Backpack:
ESEE-4 Survival Knife:
Buck Folding Knife:
Leatherman Multitool:
Portable Sharpening Stone:
Bic Lighter Six Pack:
Bear Grylls Fire Start, Whistle and Guide:
Long Burn, Waterproof Matches:
Secur Waterproof Hand Crank Light:
Eton Hand Crank Light + USB Charge:
Tactical Military Grade 550 Paracord:
Suunto M9 Wrist Compass:
Sawyer Mini:
Dental Floss:
Waterproof Notepad:

Dr Bronners Bar Soap:
Portable Toothbrush:
Mini Hand Sanitizer

SOS 3 Day, 72 Hour Rations:
Vitamin C:
Stainless Steel Cup:
Soft Silicone Cup:

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