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Want to put together a great bug out bag but don’t know exactly what to pack?

Have a bug out bag but want an easy way to track and keep up with it?

The Bug Out Bag Checklist App solves these common problems and MORE!

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With the help of the Bug Out Bag Checklist app you will have the perfect survival kit to fully sustain you during a disaster.

There’s no longer any need to waste countless hours on the Internet for clues on what you need to pack for emergencies – we’ve done all the work for you!

Now you can have a complete list of essential survival items on your mobile device with comprehensive descriptions, only one finger-tap away!

Main Features:
-Comprehensive bug out bag checklist with descriptions of every item
-Calendar for reminders to renew/replace selected items
-Completely editable – items and reminders can be easily edited, added, and deleted
-Inventory your pack – Keep track of what you have and what you still need – easily add type, number, size, where located, etc… into the descriptions of items

Download it here:
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