Bug Out Bag (BOB) – In Case Of Emergency

In light of the recent tragic events in Japan, I think it is important that people prepare for potential disasters in their area. This is an example of what I am doing for a bug out bag. (Also known as a blow out bag or blow out kit.)

I am happy to answer any questions. Firearms are not addressed here, and they are a matter of personal choice that I leave to you to decide whether to carry or not. Preparation should be done by or with an adult and with the proper training beforehand. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that you are careful handling any of the equipment covered in this video. FEMA recommends that citizens and individuals in the US be prepared for at least 72 hours in the wake of a major natural disaster. Do not become a victim if you did not have to be.

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Be Ready.

FEMA website:

Medic Bag:


SAS Survival Handbook:

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