Arkansas Outdoor Adventure Training: Bug-Out Bag

My personal survival kit, some may call it a bug out bag. My belief is simple… that is it “simple” If I have a kit, thats great, if my wife and children cant use it, then its worthless. If Im dead or injured can they use my tools to survive? Darn right they can! I have dedicated most of my life to the art of survival, I have lived from the backwoods to the streets, but my wife and children have not. They, like most that I teach, do not wish to be a survivalist. A weekend in the woods does not a survivalist make. So my idea has been to use common items that most of us are familiar with. Items that can be purchased anywhere with a minimal cost. I have gotten away from teaching the “party tricks” of starting fires with sticks and making cordage from grass, why you ask? Most people that I meet do not, will not, or cannot put in the hours of practice it takes to become proficient in the age old skills of the backwoodsman. lets face it, when is the last time you started a bow drill fire? What about your child? Your handicapped neighbor? For most in the world those skills are not a reality. I teach real skills for real people. Thank you for tuning in and heres hoping I see you on the other side! Kelly Baker

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