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This bag is geared towaqrds my specific region. Due to my line of work and where I live, I am in a good environment. By that I mean, a lot of woodland, forest and moutains. This bag weighs in at 52.8 lbs. Which is quite lighter than from my military days. I use this load at least once a month in the wild, and train with the same gear or similar. An item that some people feel are a necessity I purposely leave is are a Tarp. I don’t carry a tarp to build shelter with because the area in which I will be in is heavily wooded, as it is that way for at least 100 miles in any direction. I plan to use simple skills such as building shelter to provide a better shelter and something alot more sturdy.
This is the second installment in my Personal Bug Out Gear Series. The first installment detailed the auto kit and bag I keep in each of my vehicles, and the everyday carry items I keep on my person.
This installment focuses on my actual Bug Out Bag. The one I take with me each day and place it in the vehicle in which I am driving that day. This bag has enough gear to keep me alive for 2 weeks to a month. I build my kits and bags for specific purposes, and the purpose of this bag is to keep me alive comfortably for a period of time greater than 72 hours, so that I can reach my bug out location, or my home.
Alot of interesting gear. This is my personal bag, so your needs as an individual will differ in some areas. Thanks for watching!

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